Assisted support for all things digital and social media


The world of social and digital media is a constantly changing environment, from the networks themselves to the content that flows through them or the latest thing in cloud technology. In order to help assist our clients stay up to date and competitive in this dynamic space, we developed our solution HYPE - getting your team hyped for the world of digital.

How It Works

With this service we are on call to assist you with any challenges or questions you may have in the digital world. We collaborate with you via our remote access technology, allowing us to instantly work with you on your team to solve any challenges, whilst also transferring our knowledge to educate you and your team. Hype is not about watching videos or reading a Q&A wiki, but actually connecting to experts to help you and your team solve their digital and social challenges.

Two-Way Screen Share

We can share screens with you or your team, allowing them to see exactly how we set up and run ads or solve the challenges you face.

File Transfer

Securely send and receive files in a live or unattended support session, which is useful for sharing ad and content plans.

Multi-Monitor Navigation

Easily switch or scroll between all of your team monitors.

Multi-Session Support

Host up to 8 sessions simultaneously allowing us to work seamlessly with you and your team.

Annotation Tools

Draw, highlight and point to items on your screen, allowing for swift and simple communication.

This service is a great way to further educate you and your team. We firmly believe that collaboration builds the success of brands, ours and yours.

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